From left (top row); Tetsuya, Kazuki, Keita, Kaoru and Omi. From left (bottom row); Takuto, Koji, Hideaki, Yukihiko, Shunsuke and Umino-sensei.

    Keita Itou (伊藤 啓太Itō Keita)

During the middle of the school year, he received a letter of admission from Bell Liberty Academy. Though he seems to be an average guy without any sort of special skills, he is a very warm and friendly person. The only skill he thought he had was luck. He seems to have forgotten who Kazuki is really. Keita is voiced by Jun Fukuyama.

  • Kazuki Endou (遠藤 和希Endō Kazuki)

He is Keita's classmate and the first friend Keita makes at BL Academy. He leads a double life as a student of BL Academy and as its chairman, as the school's late chairman, Endo's grandfather's, last wishes were for Endo to succeed his position. Endo's innocuous and perpetually friendly demeanor does not betray the fact that he is also an excellent executive. Endo is also a part of the school's handicrafts club. He is actually Keita's childhood friend who promised in the future that they could go to the same school. It was hinted that Kazuki is older than he seems. Kazuki is voiced by Takahiro Sakurai.

  • Kaoru Saionji (西園寺 郁Saionji Kaoru)

He is the head of the school Treasury/accounting department. Strikingly beautiful, he shares the same amount of influence as Tetsuya Niwa, and is called the "Queen" among students. He is very strong intellectually but performs very poorly in physical education. He is close to Omi since Elementary days, going as far as making him hack into the BL academy server when Omi didn't receive the platinum paper. He also has close contact with the chairman and contacts him if something sprouts up. Even though he is called the "Queen," he hates it when someone treats him like a female. Kaoru is voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya.

  • Tetsuya Niwa (丹羽 哲也Niwa Tetsuya)

As the president of the student council, he excels in almost everything, from academics to sports and excurriculars; he is also known as the "King" (Ou-sama) at the academy. He regularly neglects his duties leaving them to the very last minute. He also has a tendency to call Kaoru "Kaoru-chan," which results in the latter hurting him. He has an aversion to cats. Tetsuya is voice by Katsuyuki Konishi.

  • Omi Shichijou (七条 臣Shichijō Omi)

Saionji's friend since childhood, he is a person who always smiles. He is extremely talented with computers and can also be extremely dangerous when he wants to. Currently, he helps Saionji at the Treasury/Accounting Department. Nakajima refers to him as "that dog" and "the treasury's dog". He likes eating sweets such as chocolate. Omi is voiced by Tomohiro Tsuboi.

  • Hideaki Nakajima (中嶋 英明Nakajima Hideaki)

He is the vice president of the student council. He appears to be brisk and cool with most of the students, and can usually be found trying to hack the school's treasury records, much to the chagrin of Omi Shichijo. Hideaki is voiced by Toshiyuki Morikawa.

  • Yukihiko Naruse (成瀬 由紀彦Naruse Yukihiko)

He is the captain of the tennis club at school. He takes an immediate liking to Keita and calls him "Honey". A little oblivious at times, he is extremely passionate about Keita and is always trying to ask Keita out on dates. Yukihiko is voiced by Shinichirou Miki.

  • Kouji Shinomiya (篠宮 紘司Shinomiya Kōji)

He is the captain of the archery club. He is a very responsible, big-brother figure. He also holds the position of dormitory Head. He has a little brother who has cardiac problems. He is very close with Takuto Iwai. Koji is voiced by Ryoutarou Okiayu.

  • Takuto Iwai (岩井 卓人Iwai Takuto)

He is the president of the art club and a genius artist. On the moody, introperspective side, he is very soft-spoken and very humble about his skills as an artist. He is very close with Koji Shinomiya. Takuto is voiced by Hirofumi Nojima.

  • Shunsuke Taki (滝 俊介Taki Shunsuke)

He is a superb cyclist who ranked the third in the National Tournament. Cuter and shorter than others of his age, he is characterised by his Kansai ben dialect. Taki also does freelance delivery work for most of the student body. Shunsuke is voiced by Kenichi Suzumura.

  • Satoshi Umino (海野 聡Umino Satoshi)

Although he is the oldest character, he is also the youngest in terms of outer appearance. He is extremely good at research but can barely take care of himself as he is quite absent-minded. He is both a teacher and researcher for the Bell Liberty. He is also very strong as a result of constantly carrying an overweight cat wherever he goes. Satoshi is voiced by Tomoko Kawakami, who happens to be the only female seiyuu among the cast.

  • Kakeru Ozawa (小澤 翔Ozawa Kakeru) and Wataru Ozawa (小澤 渉Ozawa Wataru)

Twins who teases Keita in the first episode. The twins are never seen apart and they sneak around a lot. They are always getting in to trouble and they are the "kings of doubles tennis". Also nicknamed the "terrible twosome". Later in the anime, the twins seem to become fonder of Keita, but don't admit this till the last episode when the say that they might become his friends. They are voiced by Ken Takeuchi and Takahiro Mizushima, respectively.

  • Jin Matsuoka (松岡 迅Matsuoka Jin)

The school nurse of Bell Liberty, he is Kazuki's mentor and former tutor, and the two are very close. It is revealed in later episodes that he attended Bell Liberty himself with his friend, Hiroya Yoshizumi, to whom he was very close. He has a dark secret and will go to any means to fulfill his own agenda. Jin is voiced by Ken Narita.

  • Hiroya Yoshizumi (吉住 比呂哉Yoshizumi Hiroya)

Childhood friend of Matsuoka, they attended Bell Liberty together. Not a major character, he went into medicine like Matsuoka after graduation, but contracted the "X7 virus" and is currently hospitalized. Hiroya is voiced by Daisuke Kirii.